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Earth Arena is the ultimate war game.

Set on future Earth, hundreds of commanders land on the planet's surface with just a handful of resources. They will struggle to conquer natural resources, clone ever-stronger armies, and defeat others in strategic warfare.

The ultimate honor is yours for the taking - dominate the planet and earn your place in Earth Arena's hall of fame!

Let the war games begin!

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  • Go to Download from you Android device and make sure you're logged into your Google account.

  • You can. Please email us and we will add you to the Alpha.

  • In BD: Earth Arena, humanity returns to Earth, after leaving it centuries earlier, to use it as a giant coliseum for planet-wide war games played for entertainment and glory! You are a commander in these war games, sent to earth with a small colony, and challenged to build, expand, and destroy everyone else on the planet.

  • This means that the game is still not final, and that we're still doing a lot of changes to the game. We're still missing sound and some graphics, and we're still working on adding all the nice features we plan on having. This also means that we're looking forward to getting your feedback and suggestions on how to improve the game!

  • Yes! All testers will get a special surprise in-game once the game is officially released.

  • You can go to our Forum and let us know! We're checking it regularly and are always happy to get suggestions from players.

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